Healing is Voltage™ - Acupuncture Muscle Batteries: An Atlas

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Healing is Voltage - Acupuncture Muscle Batteries - Dr. Tennant

Presented in Atlas format with generous color illustrations and diagrams, this companion volume to Dr. Tennant’s Healing is Voltage™—The Handbook (3rd Edition) and Healing is Voltage™ - Healing Eye Diseases is the next essential reference in this series for practitioners, lay professionals and individuals on the journey path to better health.

Dr. Tennant continues to offer valuable insight and helps the reader understand acupuncture, acupuncture muscle batteries, the atlas of muscle batteries, Nakatani and Voll Points, Jin Shin. Plus explains the causes of low voltage, the Tennant BioModulator®, Lateral BioTerminals® and Nutrition, bu placing each element within the Healing is Voltage™ framework for how the body can make healthy cells and why chronic disease occurs. Dr. Tennant brings the complexity of medical concepts and principles to his readers in an accessible, easy-to-understand style that is valued by all those who read and take his in-person learning events.

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