Tennant BioTransducer® Pro

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Tennant BioTransducer Pro 

The Tennant BioTransducer Pro is one of the main hand-held accessories for the Tennant BioModulator (BioTransducer Pro will only emit Scalar energy if not plugged into the port of the Tennant BioModulator).  The BioTransducer Pro emits electromagnetic pulses and most importantly Dr. Tennant's frequencies, that are carried from the Tennant BioModulator through an Lumens light to deliver a no-touch treatment through clothing . The device magnifies Dr. Tennant's BioModulator frequencies transmitted to the body for faster healing.

The Tennant BioTransducer Pro includes one of each: 

  • Tennant BioTransducer Pro

  • Red Lens Accessory

  • One Battery Charger and 2 Lithium Rechargeable Batteries 

  • 4pin BioTransducer Pro Wire. Please choose the correct wire for your BioModulator Port - Stereo (round plug port) or 4Pin (rectangle port)

  • Integrative Health Conference Ticket for one person


Additional $150 discount applies when the BioTransducer & BioModulator are purchased as a bundle or package together - Will be credited at checkout. 


 * Shipping Insurance / Handling is required for BioTransducer® devices ($65) and is reflected in the final product cost - base shipping will be calculated at checkout.