The Opal - Tennant BioModulator® Pro 2.1

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Opal Package includes: 

  • 1 Tennant BioModulator® Pro 2.1 Device (professional model 60+ Modes)
  • 1 Hand Grip/Foot Plate Bundle with Wire Discount
  • 1 Y Electrode with Free Wire
  • 1 Fanny Pack Case
  • 1 QuickStart Reference Guide, Mode Book, & DVD's
  • 1 Polarity Reference Card
  • 1 Healing is Voltage 3rd Edition Book  & 
  • 1 Integrated Health Conference Course Ticket *Education Theory not Education Application Course
  • This package does not support all of Dr. Tennant's Protocols.  Please review packages with Tennant BioTransducers® for full support


To receive the additional $500 QuickStart Discount off your Tennant BioModulator®, add your device to the cart and type in: QuickStart in the Apply Coupon field, then click Apply!  You will then see your $500 Discount under the Subtotal line on the right side of the page above the total.


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WARNING: Tennant BioModulator® devices are not intended for individuals with pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices, or who may be pregnant. Please call Senergy Medical Group at (972-580--545) to speak with an Adviser for more information.